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Perfectly Imperfect Entrepreneurship

September 13, 2017


While indulging in a conversation and delicious meal the other evening with someone who consistently inspires me to think more business minded, it hit me. There is no one right way to do business. Somehow that simultaneously brought a sense of relief as well as a feeling of intimidation. Relief that I could bring my own journey and attributes to the table and feeling of intimidation in the aspect of there’s no exact 1, 2,3, paint by numbers way to get the successful brand end result you want.  Oh how simple things would be if there was only One right way to do things, but talk about lack of creativity or individuality if that were the case! What inspires me most in brands and people, is how each chooses to bring their expressions, purpose, and individuality to this world. I want to share with you all a few takeaways from our conversation that have stuck with me and have made such a difference when approaching business. 

The most impactful takeaway lesson for me has been to start with asking yourself what is your desired end result. Starting with the desired end result and working backwards from there helps you prioritize .When you approach your day and your to dos from the ultimate desire or end outcome, it makes scanning through your to dos easy to prioritize based on that end intention. For example, heading into a meeting about my products, I always have end outcomes in my head- desired outcomes for the meeting in itself, desired outcomes for the end product ideas, and desired outcomes for marketing, sales, etc. Once I'm sitting in the meeting, as we are discussing different ideas, I can briefly glance through my end outcomes and see if the ideas and to dos align with those end results. This way, you are setting your own unique productivity process that is in alignment with Your brand. This keeps you on track with what you really are trying to accomplish or create and most importantly Maximizes/Streamlines your time, effort and energy.  This also keeps YOUR brand in the direction that works for YOU; YOUR way. 

The second impactful takeaway that has made massive impact on my business is to stop over complicating!!!! Often times fear is disguised under all of our endless to do lists or hamster wheel running in place type patterns. Simplicity is key. Simply go for it -asking yourself what is the most productive way to accomplish your end result. We often Subconsciously Create a whole list of hurdles we have to jump in order to accomplish our goal. Try asking yourself repeatedly throughout your brands process- am I overcomplicating this? where can I make things simple? what is the next simple step that would be the most productive? Where right now can I take Massive Action towards my end result? Where can I simplify more and overcomplicate less? I have found in the last few years, the more I am aware of this "over complicate things" type of fear pattern, and the more I'm asking myself where can I be more productively simple, the answer becomes crystal clear on what next step to channel my energy into. 

The third takeaway I've had thus far within building my brand has been to: listen and learn how others have built their brands, use what resonates with you, and leave the rest. Within every interaction or experience in conversations,  there is Always at least one takeaway. There is also a Bunch of things to Not listen to. I've gotten very good at streamlining what really hits home and I want to utilize and leaving the rest. You can't get caught up in listening to everybody's advice or opinions, because not to be brutal, but when it comes to Your vision and Your brand, it is YOUR choice at the end of the day. You are the artist and molder of your destiny. Once you know that end result, you repeatedly simplify, it makes listening, applying one method, and letting go of the rest a breeze. 

Consciously Create Your Career and remember, Enjoy the Perfectly Imperfect joys of Entrepreneurship! 


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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